Scientific Committee & Invited Faculty

Scientific Committee

Dr John Gribben image
Dr John Gribben
London, UK
Dr David Maloney image
Dr David Maloney
Seattle, WA
Dr Caron Jacobson image
Dr Caron Jacobson
Boston, MA
Dr Frederick Locke image
Dr Frederick Locke
Tampa, FL
Dr Noelle Frey image
Dr Noelle Frey
Philadelphia, PA
Dr Saar Gill image
Dr Saar Gill
Philadelphia, PA
Dr Yi Lin image
Dr Yi Lin
Rochester, MN

The 2023 Faculty list will be available soon

2022 Faculty

Dr Bijal Shah image
Dr Bijal Shah
Tampa, FL
Dr Claire Roddie image
Dr Claire Roddie
London, UK
Dr Daniel Abate-Daga image
Dr Daniel Abate-Daga
Tampa, FL
Dr Daniel Wang image
Dr Daniel Wang
Duarte, CA
Dr David Hong image
Dr David Hong
Texas, USA
Dr David Miklos image
Dr David Miklos
California, USA
Dr David Sallman image
Dr David Sallman
Florida, USA
Dr Diane Simeone image
Dr Diane Simeone
New York City, NY
Dr Doris Hansen image
Dr Doris Hansen
Tampa, FL
Dr Jennifer Specht image
Dr Jennifer Specht
Washington, USA
Dr Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht image
Dr Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht
Santa Monica, CA
Dr John DiPersio image
Dr John DiPersio
Missouri, USA
Dr John Mullinax image
Dr John Mullinax
Tampa, FL
Dr Jonas Paludo image
Dr Jonas Paludo
Rochester, MN
Dr Jordan Gauthier image
Dr Jordan Gauthier
Washington, USA
Dr Jose Conejo-Garcia image
Dr Jose Conejo-Garcia
Tampa, FL
Dr Joseph Fraietta image
Dr Joseph Fraietta
Philadelphia, USA
Dr Julian Molina image
Dr Julian Molina
Rochester, MN
Dr Julio Chavez image
Dr Julio Chavez
Tampa, FL
Dr Kedar Kirtane image
Dr Kedar Kirtane
Tampa, FL
Dr Kim Reiss-Binder image
Dr Kim Reiss-Binder
Philadelphia, PA
Dr Krina Patel image
Dr Krina Patel
Texas, USA
Dr Laura Oswald image
Dr Laura Oswald
Tampa, FL
Dr Loretta Nastoupil image
Dr Loretta Nastoupil
Texas, USA
Dr Maria-Victoria Mateos image
Dr Maria-Victoria Mateos
Salamanca, Spain
Dr Marion Subklewe image
Dr Marion Subklewe
Munich, Germany
Dr Mark O’Hara image
Dr Mark O’Hara
Philadelphia, PA
Dr Matthew Frigault image
Dr Matthew Frigault
Massachusetts, USA
Dr Mazyar Shadman image
Dr Mazyar Shadman
Washington, USA
Dr Maung Myo Htut image
Dr Maung Myo Htut
Duarte, CA
Dr Melissa Johnson image
Dr Melissa Johnson
Tennessee, USA
Dr Michael Jain image
Dr Michael Jain
Tampa, FL
Dr Mihaela Druta image
Dr Mihaela Druta
Tampa, FL
Dr Nina Shah image
Dr Nina Shah
California, USA
Dr Nirali Shah image
Dr Nirali Shah
Maryland, USA
Dr Nitin Jain image
Dr Nitin Jain
Houston, TX
Dr Payal Shah image
Dr Payal Shah
Philadelphia, PA
Dr Prasad Adusumilli image
Dr Prasad Adusumilli
New York City, NY
Dr Raffit Hassan image
Dr Raffit Hassan
Bethesda, MD
Dr Rizwan Romee image
Dr Rizwan Romee
Massachusetts, USA
Dr Robbie Majzner image
Dr Robbie Majzner
Stanford, CA
Dr Saad Usmani image
Dr Saad Usmani
New York City, NY
Dr Sandip Patel image
Dr Sandip Patel
La Jolla, CA
Dr Sham Mailankody image
Dr Sham Mailankody
New York, USA
Dr Shannon Maude image
Dr Shannon Maude
Philadelphia, USA
Dr Shivani Srivastava image
Dr Shivani Srivastava
Seattle, WA
Dr Susan Slovin image
Dr Susan Slovin
New York City, NY
Dr Sylvia Lee image
Dr Sylvia Lee
Seattle, WA
Dr Vivek Narayan image
Dr Vivek Narayan
Pennsylvania, USA
Dr William Go image
Dr William Go
California, USA
Dr Winfried Alsdorf image
Dr Winfried Alsdorf
Hamburg, Germany
Dr Suzanne Trudel image
Dr Suzanne Trudel
Toronto, Canada

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