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The International Workshop on CAR-T (iwCAR-T) has been established to encourage interactive debates and discussions on this important new treatment technology across blood cancers in a workshop/retreat environment.

The iwCAR-T Scientific Committee intends to hold annual workshops inviting scientific presentations by international leaders summarizing the current status in research and will highlight efforts to understand the biology of CAR-T to further refine therapeutic strategies. Some of the world’s leading clinical researchers in the field will share their perspectives on how to place this evolving understanding in a clinical context and thereby optimize clinical care. The overriding objectives of the iwCAR-T are to facilitate global scientific interaction and exchange focusing on top-tier research endeavors.

In addition to the encouragement of interactive scientific debate among leading global experts on-site during the meeting, the content developed during the sessions should be quickly disseminated to generate discussion among the wider hemonc HCP community.

Working with media partner VJHemOnc.com, the organisers and expert committee of the iwCAR-T will ensure digital content is co-ordinated, created and published soon after the meeting, in video format (debates, single-interviews, presentations), allowing the educational materials produced to reach a much greater audience of HCPs and researchers, and to increase the scope of discussion beyond those experts physically attending.



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