2023 Agenda


The 2024 agenda will be confirmed shortly

The 2023 agenda can be found below

*All times are in mst


Fri 14

7:00AM -8:00AM


8:00AM -8:10AM

Introduction & Meeting Objectives
Co-Chairs: David Maloney & Sarah Nikiforow

8:10AM -9:20AM

Session 1:  Emerging CARs and future challenges in solid tumors
Chairs: Julian Molina 

  • HER2-targeted CAR-macrophages for solid tumors: Matthew Angelos
  • Migratory engineering of T cells for cancer therapy: Sebastian Kobold
  • Solid tumor microvasculature challenges for lymphocyte delivery: Ulrich von Andrian

Panel discussion

9:20AM -10:20AM

Session 2: Genitourinary cancers
Chairs: Vivek Narayan  

  • Next steps in safety and efficacy for CAR-T in prostate cancer: Vivek Narayan
  • NK cells for GU malignancies: Nicholas Zorko
  • Novel redirected T-cell immunotherapies for advanced solid tumors: Saul Priceman
  • Autologous T-cells engineered with T-cell receptors (TCRs): David Hong

Panel discussion

10:20AM -10:40AM


10:40AM -11:30AM

Session 3: CAR-T clinical advances in lung cancer
Chairs:  Prasad Adusumilli 

  • Updates on TIL therapy in lung cancer: Adam Schoenfeld
  • Mesothelin-targeted CAR T-cell therapy: Prasad Adusumilli
  • The challenges and the future of cell therapy in lung cancer: William Go

Panel discussion

11:30AM -12:20PM

Session 4: Ovarian cancers
Chairs: Payal Shah 

  • Receptor-alpha redirected T-cells for ovarian cancer: Payal Shah
  • Metabolic reprogramming to enhance adoptive cell therapy in ovarian cancer: Marion Curtis

Panel discussion

12:20PM -1:00PM

Session 5: Logistics/manufacturing
Chairs: David Maloney

  • CAR T-cell studies in solid tumors – logistic issues: Julian Molina
  • Manufacturing/FACT and ASTCT 80/20: Sarah Nikiforow

Panel discussion

1:00PM -2:00PM


2:00PM -2:40PM

Keynote talk: An FDA perspective on CAR-T/cellular therapies in cancer: Asha Das

2:40PM -4:00PM

Session 5: Gastrointestinal cancers
Chairs: Diane Simeone & Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht

  • GI malignancies; I-O to cell therapy; I-O/T-VEC, BiTEs/TCRs: Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht
  • scSeq in pancreatic cancer; pancreatic cancer tumor microenvironment: Diane Simeone
  • TAC01-HER2 cell therapy in HER2+ solid tumors: Benjamin Schlechter
  • 2-specific chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy for patients with advanced gastric & pancreatic adenocarcinoma: Zhaohui Jin
  • Novel CDH17 CAR-T for gastrointestinal tumors: Xianxin Hua

Panel discussion

4:00PM -4:50PM

Session 6: Head/neck and CNS cancers
Chairs: Rizwan Romee & Kedar Kirtane

  • Development of novel therapeutics for H&N cancer: challenges and opportunities: Jong Chul Park
  • Cellular immunotherapy in head and neck cancers: Kedar Kirtane
  • Engineering NK cells for enhanced solid tumor targeting: Rizwan Romee

Panel discussion

4:50PM -5:10PM


5:10PM -5:50PM

Session 7: Melanoma, sarcomas
Chairs: John Mullinax 

  • Tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte therapy or ipilimumab in advanced melanoma: Sebastian Klobuch
  • Intraoperative principles related to TIL procurement for solid tumors: John Mullinax

Panel discussion

5:50PM -6:00PM

Day 1 wrap-up

Welcome reception


Sat 15

7:00AM -8:00AM

Breakfast & registration

8:00AM -8:10AM

Meeting objectives, introduction
John Gribben & David Maloney

8:10AM -9:10AM

Session 9: Current challenges
Chairs: David Miklos & Marco Davila

  • Suppression mechanisms of CAR-T cells: Marco Davila
  • Enforcing memory programs to enhance CAR-T persistence: Evan Weber
  • Cladribine & cyclophosphamide lymphodepletion for the CAR T-cell treatment of hematologic malignancies: Filip Ionescu
  • Single-cell analysis of CAR-T response and toxicity: Michael Green

Panel discussion

9:10AM -9:50AM

Session 10: Toxicity
Chairs: Caron Jacobson & Marion Subklewe

  • CRS/ICANS prophylaxis attempts: Matthew Frigault
  • Update on management of neuro-toxicities/CRS in CAR-T: Bianca Santomasso

 Panel discussion

9:50AM -10:10AM


10:10AM -12:20PM

Session 11: CAR-T in ALL
Chairs: Noelle Frey & Bijal Shah

  • Long term outcomes for recipients of CTL019 (tisagenlecleucel): Shannon Maude
  • ZUMA-3 – brexucabtagene autoleucel for adult ALL: Bijal Shah
  • CD19-targeted CAR T-cell in R/R B-cell ALL/Auto: Claire Roddie
  • Dual-targeting with CAR-Ts using a co-administration approach: Regina Myers

Panel discussion

  • PLAT-05 Trial; dual-targeting with CAR-Ts using a co-transduction approach: Rebecca Gardner
  • Bispecific LV20.19 and trispecific duo CAR20.19.22 for B-cell malignancies: Nirav Shah
  • CAR-T for T-ALL: Maksim Mamonkin

Panel discussion

12:20PM -1:00PM


1:00PM -2:10PM

Session 12CAR-T in AML
Chairs: Saar Gill & David Sallman

  • Single-cell analysis to develop new CAR therapies for AML: Sebastian Kobold
  • Leukemia-associated antigen-specific T-cells: Premal Lulla
  • Outcomes in early-phase CAR-T clinical trials for R/R AML and MDS: David Sallman
  • NK cell-based immunotherapy for patients with HR hematologic malignancies undergoing transplantation: Roman Shapiro
  • With a little help from my friends – updates on bispecifics in AML: Marion Subklewe

Panel discussion

2:10PM -4:30PM

Session 13: CAR-T in lymphoma
Chairs: David Maloney & Frederick Locke

  • Liso-cel for the treatment of B-cell lymphoma: Jeremy Abramson
  • Brexucabtagene autoleucel in R/R MCL: Michael Jain
  • CARs for primary CNS lymphoma: Caron Jacobson
  • Alternative targets in lymphoma (CD22, ROR1): David Miklos
  • CD20-targeted CAR-T: Mazyar Shadman

Panel discussion

  • CRISPR-edited allogeneic anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy for R/R B-cell NHL: Loretta Nastoupil
  • Outcomes among adult recipients of CAR T-cell therapy for Burkitt lymphoma: Laura Samples
  • Bispecifics in DLBCL: Mazyar Shadman
  • Bispecific treatments in FL and MCL: Tycel Phillips

Panel discussion

4:30PM -4:50PM
4:50PM -5:10PM

Special debate: CAR-T & bispecific antibodies – all panelists       

5:10PM -5:40PM

Session 14: Just in time/rapid manufacturing/in vivo – allo vs auto
Chairs: TBC

  • Varnimcabtagene autoleucel for R/R B-cell malignancies: Valentín Ortiz-Maldonado

Panel discussion

Day 2 wrap-up

Faculty Dinner


Sun 16

7:30AM -8:30AM


8:30AM -8:40AM


8:40AM -9:00AM

Keynote lecture: Driving CAR T-cells forward: Renier Brentjens

9:00AM -9:20AM


9:20AM -11:10AM

Session 15CAR-T in multiple myeloma
Chairs: Yi Lin & Rafael Fonseca

  • Updates from the Myeloma CAR-T Consortium: Doris Hansen
  • Regulatory approved CAR-Ts, where are they headed? KarMMa-3, data for ide-cel and cilta-cel in earlier lines, and new correlates for CAR-T: Yi Lin
  • Real-world safety & efficacy of ide-cel in patients with multiple myeloma: Krina Patel

Panel discussion

  • BCMA and non-BCMA bispecific antibodies for multiple myeloma: Rafael Fonseca
  • Mechanisms of resistance to BCMA-targeted therapy and impact of treatment sequencing: Nizar Bahlis
  • AlloCART – will they be the solution to access in myeloma?: Sham Mailankody
  • GPRC5D CAR-T in myeloma: Eric Smith

Panel discussion

11:10AM -11:30AM


11:30AM -12:20PM

Session 16: CAR-T in CLL
Chairs: John Gribben & Tanya Siddiqi

  • Immune resistance in CLL: Joseph Melenhorst
  • Update on TRANSCEND – liso-cel in CLL/SLL: Tanya Siddiqi
  • CART-19 with ibrutinib for the treatment of CLL: Saar Gill

Panel discussion

12:20PM -12:30PM

Final meeting summary & conclusions

Lunch (grab & go – in room)