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2022 Agenda

All times are in EST

Thursday: April 28, 2022


Welcome reception for faculty (solid tumors)

Friday: April 29, 2022

Day 1: Solid tumors




Introduction & Meeting Objectives
Co-Chairs: David Maloney & Sarah Nikiforow


Session I:  Emerging CARs and future challenges in solid tumors
Chairs: Julian Molina & Sandip Patel

  • Clinical perspective IO/TILs to BiTEs to TCR to cars; Julian Molina
  • HER2 targeting CAR macrophage: Kim Reiss-Binder
  • CAR T-cell signaling proteins and Gamma-Delta T-cell strategies; Daniel Abate-Daga
  • Human iPSC-derived CAR T-cells with T-cell anti-tumor activity; Daniel Wang

Panel discussion


Session II: GU Cancers
Chairs: Vivek Narayan & David Hong

  • PSMA-redirected Armored CAR-T Cells for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: Joseph Fraietta & Vivek Narayan
  • P-PSMA-101 CAR T-cells for mCRPC patients: Susan Slovin
  • Adoptive T-cell therapy targeting MAGE-A4: David Hong

Panel Discussion


Session III: CAR-T clinical advances in solid tumors – lung

Chairs:  Prasad Adusumilli & Melissa Johnson

  • Landscape overview: Sandip Patel
  • TILs treatment for lung cancer: Sylvia Lee
  • Anti-mesothelin T-cell receptor fusion construct (TRuC) for malignant mesothelioma; Raffit Hassan
  • Overcoming barriers to CAR-T therapy in solid tumors; Shivani Srivastava
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ PRBCs and iNKT cells; Melissa Johnson
  • Mesothelin-targeted CAR T-cell therapy: Prasad Adusumilli

Panel Discussion


Refreshments break


Session IV: Breast and ovarian cancers

Chairs; Jennifer Specht & Jose Conejo-Garcia

  • Chimeric Endocrine Receptor (CER) T-cell technology for ovarian cancer; Jose Conejo-Garcia
  • Receptor-alpha redirected T-cells for ovarian cancer; Payal Shah  
  • BNT211; CLDN6 CAR-T cells and CARVac-based CAR-T in vivo expansion for CLDN6+ advanced solid tumors; Winfried Alsdorf  
  • ROR-1 CAR-T for TN breast cancer; Jennifer Specht

Panel Discussion




Session V: GI Cancers
Chairs: Diane Simeone & Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht

  • GI malignancies: I-O to cell therapy; IO/T-VEC, BiTEs/TCRs: Joel Randolph (Randy) Hecht
  • Precision Promise: an adaptive phase 2/3 platform for drug development in metastatic pancreatic cancer; Diane Simeone
  • HuCART-meso cells in patients with pancreatic cancer; Mark O’Hara
  • The future of logic-gated cell therapy: William Go

Panel Discussion


Session VI: Head/neck and CNS cancers
Chairs: Kedar Kirtane

  • GD2 CAR T-cells for diffuse midline gliomas; Robbie Majzner
  • Cellular immunotherapy in head and neck cancers; Kedar Kirtane

Panel Discussion


Session VII: Melanoma, sarcomas
Chairs: Sylvia Lee & John Mullinax

  • TCRs for soft tissue sarcomas; Mihaela Druta
  • TILs for metastatic melanoma: Sylvia Lee
  • ACT with with TIL for the treatment of solid tumors: John Mullinax

Panel Discussion


Day 1 wrap-up


Welcome Reception

Saturday: April 30, 2022

Day 2: Hematological Malignancies





Meeting objectives, introduction
John Gribben & David Maloney


Session I: CAR-T in ALL
Chairs: Noelle Frey & Bijal Shah

  • Zuma and brexucabtagene autoleucel indication for Adult ALL:  Bijal Shah
  • Auto1 outcomes in Adult ALL: Claire Roddie
  • Humanized CART19 in Ped ALL: Shannon Maude
  • Dual targeted approaches: Noelle Frey
  • Anti-CD22 CAR-T: Nirali Shah
  • PBCAR0191 CAR T-cell therapy in B-ALL; Nitin Jain

Panel discussion


Session II: CAR-T in AML
Chairs:  Saar Gill & John DiPersio

  • NKG2D CARs for AML and MDS: David Sallman
  • CAR123 for AML: Saar Gill
  • Targeting AML with CAR-T: role of myeloid cells and AML target expression on efficacy and cytokine release: John DiPersio
  • Anti-NPM1c CAR NK for AML: Rizwan Romee
  • T-cell based immunotherapy of AML: Marion Subklewe 

 Panel discussion




Session III: CAR-T in CLL
Chairs: John Gribben & William Wierda

  • Advances in the CLL CAR-T trial landscape/liso-cel; William Wierda
  • CD20-targeted CAR T in R/R CLL; Mazyar Shadman
  • Emerging combination approaches with CAR-T; Jordan Gauthier 
  • CART-19 with ibrutinib for the treatment of CLL: Saar Gill

Panel Discussion


Refreshments break


Patient focus session

  • Patient reported outcomes in CAR-T; Heather Jim
  • The promise of patient-reported outcomes, wearable sensor data, and remote monitoring during adoptive cellular therapy; Kedar Kirtane & Laura Oswald
  • Outpatient practice for CAR-T with use of remote monitoring to advance outpatient care; Jonas Paludo

Panel Discussion


Interactive debate:

Topics for iwCAR-T 2027 – where will be in 5 years?


Day 2 wrap-up  


Faculty dinner – by invitation only

Sunday: May 1, 2022

Day 3: Hematological malignancies continued







Session V:  CAR-T in lymphoma

Chairs:  David Maloney & Frederick Locke

  • Is CAR-T better than standard care in second line LBCL?
    – Making sense of contrasting trial results: Frederick Locke
  • Liso-cel for the treatment of B-cell lymphoma; David Maloney
  • Real-world evidence/determinants of response in CAR-T; Michael Jain
  • Brexucabtagene autoleucel in R/R MCL; Michael Jain
    Panel Discussion
  • Prospects for upfront CAR-T for DLBCL; Julio Chavez
  • Updates from ZUMA-5; Caron Jacobson
  • Multi-targeted CAR-T therapy advances in lymphoma; David Miklos
  • Can we cure FL with CAR-T?: Loretta Nastoupil
    Panel Discussion


Refreshments break


Session VI: CAR-T in myeloma
Chairs: Yi Lin & Maria-Victoria Mateos

  • BCMA CAR-T – Ide-cel; Nina Shah
  • RWE in myeloma CAR-T; Doris Hansen
  • BCMA CAR-T – Cilta-cel: Saad Usmani
  • CAR-T ddBCMA: Matthew Frigault
  • BCMAxCD3 bispecific antibody- teclistamab; Maria-Victoria Mateos

Panel Discussion


Lunch (grab & go – in room)


Session VI continued

  • UCARTCS1; Krina Patel
  • ALLO-715: Sham Mailankody 
  • Bispecifics beyond BCMA: Talquetamab; Maung Myo Htut
  • Cevostamab; Suzanne Trudel

Panel Discussion


Final Meeting Summary & Conclusions
John Gribben & David Maloney

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