2024 Agenda


*All times are in EST


Fri 19

8:00AM -8:05AM

Introduction & Meeting Objectives
Co-chairs: David Maloney & Sarah Nikiforow

8:05AM -9:05AM

Session 1:  Emerging CARs and future challenges in solid tumors
Chairs: Maria Pia Morelli & Michael Hudecek

  • New solid tumor targets and engineering strategies for CAR-T: Michael Hudecek
  • Sleeping Beauty Therapy TCR-T Therapy in solid tumors: Maria Pia Morelli
  • Understanding mechanisms of immune resistance and developing strategies to overcome them: Smita Chandran
9:05AM -9:30AM

Keynote talk: A critical review of CAR-T results in solid tumors: Julian Molina

Panel discussion

9:30AM -10:20AM

Session 2: Head & neck/brain tumors
Chairs: Kedar Kirtane & Susanne Baumeister

  • Updates in cellular immunotherapy for head & neck cancers: Kedar Kirtane
  • ALK-CAR T-cells for R/R neuroblastoma: Susanne Baumeister
  • GD2-CART01 for R/R high-risk neuroblastoma: Francesca del Bufalo
  • TanCART, novel CAR T-cell that simultaneously targets EGFRvIII and IL-13Rα2; Bryan Choi

Panel discussion

10:20AM -10:40AM


10:40AM -11:40AM

Session 3: CAR-T clinical advances in lung cancer
Chairs:  Prasad Adusumilli & Julian Molina

  • Updates on TIL therapy in lung cancer: Ben Creelan
  • Tumor immune modulation in solid tumor CAR T-cell therapy: Prasad Adusumilli
  • LL3-directed CAR T-cells in small-cell lung cancer: Adam Schoenfeld

Panel discussion

11:40AM -12:30PM

Session 4: Ovarian & gynecological cancers
Chairs: Rizwan Romee & TBC

  • Engineering NK cells for ovarian cancer: Rizwan Romee
  • Phase 2 SURPASS-3 trial initiated with ADP-A2M4CD8 as monotherapy and in combination with nivolumab for platinum resistant ovarian cancer: TBC
  • PRGN-3005 autologous UltraCAR-T cells in ovarian cancer: TBC

Panel discussion

12:30PM -1:30PM


1:30PM -2:10PM

Session 5: Breast cancer
Chairs: Jennifer Specht & Smita Chandran

  • LYL797 in adults with solid tumors: Jennifer Specht
  • TCR-based therapeutics that target an elite class of common and shared tumor targets called ‘public neoantigens’: Smita Chandran
  • Adoptive T cell therapy using IL-7 and IL-15 expanded HER2-specific CD4 T cells for metastatic breast cancer: Saurabh Garg

Panel discussion

2:10PM -3:00PM

Session 6: Melanoma and sarcomas
Chairs: Amod Sarnaik & TBC

  • Autologous tumor infiltrating lymphocytes, in the treatment of patients with metastatic melanoma (LN-144): Amod Sarnaik
  • Updates in TILs therapies for melanoma: Allison Betof Warner
  • Afamitresgene Autoleucel in advanced synovial sarcoma and myxoid/round cell liposarcoma: TBC
3:00PM -3:50PM

Session 7: Logistics and manufacturing
Chairs: David Maloney & Sarah Nikiforow

  • Manufacturing/FACT and ASTCT 80/20: Sarah Nikiforow
  • Biomarker-driven trials: William Go

Panel discussion

3:50PM -4:10PM


4:10PM -4:40PM

Keynote talk: The FDA’s perspective on CAR-T/cellular therapies in cancer: Asha Das

Panel discussion

4:40PM -5:30PM

Session 8: Gastrointestinal cancers
Chairs: Diane Simeone & Joel Randolph Hecht

  • CAR-T advances in pancreatic cancer: Diane Simeone
  • Autologous TAC T-cells targeting solid tumors, HER2 and Claudin18.2: Benjamin Schlechter
  • T-cell therapy for GI tumors: Joel Randolph Hecht
  • ADP-A2M4CD8, a next-generation T-cell receptor T-cell therapy, in patients with advanced GI cancers: TBC

Panel discussion

5:30PM -6:20PM

Session 9: Genitourinary cancers
Chairs: Vivek Narayan & Saul Priceman

  • Bispecific antibodies and CAR-T approaches in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer: Vivek Narayan
  • Advancing engineered T-cell therapies for solid tumors: Saul Priceman
  • TILs treatment in bladder cancers: Michael Poch

Panel discussion

6:20PM -6:30PM

Conclusions & end of Day 1

7:30PM -9:00PM

Welcome reception


Sat 20

8:00AM -8:05AM

Co-chairs: John Gribben & David Maloney

8:05AM -8:45AM

Session 10: Scientific challenges and new approaches
Chairs: TBC

  • CD83 as a target for hematologic malignancies: Marco Davila
  • Towards in vivo manufacturing of CAR-T – updates and perspectives: Saar Gill

Panel discussion

8:45AM -9:30AM

Session 11: Long term toxicities of CAR T-cell therapy
Chairs: TBC

  • Hematologic toxicity (“ICAHT”): Kai Rejeski
  • Evolving neuro-toxicities and new treatment approaches: Bianca Santomasso
  • Secondary malignancies: Saurabh Dahiya
  • Cause of non-relapse mortality following Auto HCT, CAR19 or T-cell engagers: David Miklos
  • New data on TCL after CAR-T: David Hamilton

Panel discussion


9:30AM -9:55AM


9:55AM -10:35AM

Session 12: Access and Point of Care in Pediatric Cancer
Chairs: Rebecca Gardner & Shannon Maude

  • Accelerating pediatric CAR T-cell progress – decentralized academic manufacturing for expanded access: Claudia Rössig
  • Pediatric Strategy Forum for medicinal product development of CAR T-cells in children and adolescents with cancer: Nirali Shah
10:35AM -11:10AM

Keynote talk: The FDA’s perspective on CAR-T/cellular therapies in blood cancers: Robert Sokolic

Panel discussion

11:10AM -12:00PM

Session 13: CAR-T in CLL
Chairs: Tanya Siddiqi & Saar Gill

  • Update on TRANSCEND – liso-cel in CLL/SLL: Tanya Siddiqi
  • CLL – an allogeneic CAR-T opportunity: Sushma Bharadwaj
  • Mechanisms of resistance to CAR T-cells in CLL: Saar Gill
  • Point-of-care GLPG5201 in R/R CLL/SLL: TBC

Panel discussion

12:00PM -1:00PM


1:00PM -2:00PM

Session 14: Allo approaches
Chairs: Caron Jacobson & Sattva Neelapu

  • Next-gen allo approaches/ donor T-cell cloaking to avoid host rejection: Sattva Neelapu
  • Updates for ALLO-647/501 in r/r large B-cell and follicular lymphomas: Frederick Locke
  • Updates for Allo CAR-T PBCAR0191: Bijal Shah
  • CRISPR-edited allogeneic anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy for R/​R B-cell NHL: Loretta Nastoupil
  • Allogeneic CAR-NK cells in adults with AML or MDS: May Daher
  • iPSC-derived CAR-NK: Krish Patel

Panel discussion

2:00PM -3:20PM

Session 15CAR-T in ALL
Chairs: Noelle Frey & Bijal Shah

  • Long term outcomes for recipients of CTL019 (tisagenlecleucel): TBC
  • Brexucabtagene autoleucel for adult ALL: Bijal Shah
  • Obe-cel updates and future directions: Claire Roddie
  • Dual-targeting with CAR-Ts: Regina Myers
  • Anti-CD7 Allogeneic CAR T-cells in Relapsed or Refractory (R/R) T-cell T-ALL/LBL: Shannon Maude
  • SCRI-CAR19 with CD19 T-APC to prolong CAR T-cell persistence: Rebecca Gardner

Panel discussion

3:20PM -3:50PM


3:50PM -5:10PM

Session 19: CAR-T in multiple myeloma
Chairs: Yi Lin & Krina Patel

How are T-cell-directed therapies performing in the real world?

  • CAR-T: Doris Hansen
  • BsAb: Yi Lin

Race to the front-line

  • CAR-T: Krina Patel
  • BsAb: Larry Anderson

Panel discussion

5:10PM -6:40PM

Session 20: CAR-T in multiple myeloma continued

Mechanisms of resistance

  • CAR-T: Adam Sperling
  • BsAb: TBC

Novel CAR-T/next-gen BsAb

  • BCMA-directed CAR T-cell therapy anitocabtagene autoleucel: Matthew Frigault
  • Updates for GPRC5D CARs in multiple myeloma: Susan Bal
  • New BsAb research and opportunities in myeloma: Larry Anderson
  • Tri-specific T-cell activating construct (TriTAC) targeting BCMA for R/R myeloma: Sumit Madan

Panel discussion

Conclusions & end of Day 2

Faculty Dinner


Sun 21

9:00AM -9:05AM


9:05AM -10:25AM

Session 18: Special Sessions – CAR T-cells for autoimmune diseases
Chairs: David Porter

  • Advances in CAR-T for Auto-immune Diseases: David Porter
  • YTB323 in severe, refractory systemic lupus erythematosus: Pere Barba
  • NK cells engineered to target CD19 Programme in autoimmune diseases: David Shook
  • Anti-CD19 CAR T-cell therapy (KYV-101), in Subjects With Refractory Generalized Myasthenia Gravis: Jeremias Motte
  • CAR-Tregs for autoimmunity: Matteo Doglio

Panel discussion

10:25AM -10:50AM


10:50AM -12:00PM

Session 19: Expanding the CAR platform for NHL
Chairs: Loretta Nastoupil & Caron Jacobson

  • Long-term lymphoma outcomes following CAR T-cell therapy – where are we?: Michael Jain
  • CAR T-cells as a second-line therapy for LBCL: Jason Westin
  • ZUMA 22 and ZUMA 23 axi-cel updates: Caron Jacobson
  • New data in Liso cel – FL/MZL and MCL: Jeremy Abramson
  • QoL – late effects – why are our patients dying?: David Maloney

Panel discussion

12:00PM -12:50PM

Session 20: Bispecifics
Chairs: TBC

  • RWD and trials in progress for Epcoritamab: Krish Patel
  • Glofitamab RWD and trials in progress: Tycel Phillips
  • Total therapy for LBCL combining Mosun/Pola/Axi-cel: Jay Spiegel
  • Optimizing treatment through BsAbs sequencing: Gloria Iacoboni

Panel debate

12:50PM -1:20PM

Working lunch

1:20PM -2:20PM

Session 21: Next Generation CARs for lymphoma
Chairs: TBC                                                                                                                                                      

  • CRG-022, CD22 CAR T-cell therapy for R/R LBCL after CD19 CAR-T: Caron Jacobson
  • Bispecific CAR20.19 T-cells in MCL: Nirav Shah
  • CD20-targeted auto CAR-T for follicular lymphoma: Mazyar Shadman

Panel discussion

2:20PM -3:20PM

Session 22: CAR-T in AML
Chairs: Saar Gill & David Sallman                                                                                                                         

  • AML targets/translational updates: Fabiana Perna
  • Current status of CAR-T therapies in AML/MDS: David Sallman
  • Mechanism of resistance in AML: Anand Bhagwat
  • CAR-T in pediatric AML: Nirali Shah
  • Optimizing and future directions with CAR-T/NK therapies in AML: Naval Daver

Panel discussion

Conclusions and end of meeting