iwCAR-T 2020 Highlights

Novel CAR-T approaches for ALL

Rebecca Gardner

CAR-T in adult ALL

Claire Roddie

Allogeneic CAR-T in ALL

Bijal Shah

Remission & Persistence

Shannon Maude


Saar Gill


John DiPersio

NKG2D and anti-CD33 CART

David Sallman

Update CLL CAR-T trial landscape/JCAR

Tanya Siddiqi

The role of CLL tumor cells in resistance to anti-CAR-T cell therapy

Joseph Melenhorst

Long-term outcomes of anti-CD19 CAR-T in R/R CLL

David Porter

CD19-CAR-T cells – trial updates

Jeremy Abramson

BCMA CART – ready for standard of care practice?

Nina Shah

CART trials in China: myeloma and CART landscape in China

Jianxiang Wang

BITes vs CARs

Herman Einselle

Beyond BCMA, other novel CART targets and combinations

Eric Smith

Tmod CAR T cells Targeting Loss of Heterozygosity

William Go

Repeat CAR T infusions (ALL, NHL and CLL)

Jordan Gauthier

Novel CAR platforms – allogeneic CART, CAR-NK

Michael Hudecek

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